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Should I be worried?

September 28, 2009

Emily doesn’t seem herself today. She is laying around with her eyes open, not moving. She does not have a cough and her breathing seems fine. She did whimper earlier today. She is still eating. This is my Present and my future. Will I worry about everything all the time?

9 Responses to “Should I be worried?”

  1. jakesmom said:

    How many days is Emily post-op? I find that with Jake (11 days today), some days he has alot more energy, then others… he seems to take a small step back. Is everything else OK with her? How’s her appetite? What does her incision look like? I can totally understand that you’re worried… I worry about every single thing with Jake… Guess I always will now…

    Good luck with Emily!

    Jake’s Mom

  2. horacia said:

    Hi, probably you will worry about everything until this journey is over, but… donĀ“t let this hinder you to enjoy each and every moment with Emily.
    Maybe she is just tired and tomorrow she will perk up again.
    Cecilia & Spirit Hori

  3. Emilysmom said:

    The weird part is that Emily is three months post op! Her incision is all healed, she is through with chemo. Last month she had a clear chest x-ray. Her appetite is good. Unfortunately, I think you are right, this is our lives now. Worry, worry, worry. All three of my dogs are sleeping but Emily is the one I keep going to and bothering.

  4. Emilysmom said:

    Thanks Cecilia,
    I am trying to enjoy everyday with Emily. Thank you for your virtual hug. I am sending one back to you and spirit Hori. I am so sorry for your loss. I know that you miss her so much.

  5. YodasMom said:

    Taking it one day at a time and not panicking until you have facts are good things, but based on my limited experience, I would get Emily checked soon. If you think you’re over-reacting, maybe set a time-frame that you think is reasonable for Emily to perk back up if she’s just tired.

    But the cough doesn’t always come. And mets can be present without hearing a change in breathing. Mets or not, my first thought from what you described is that there is pain (but, of course, I’ve been prejudiced by the scary turn of events for Yoda this past weekend). Not moving, for Yoda, has been a sign of pain either from the lung mets or from tumor growth in other legs or both – the oncologist can’t be sure – that required painkillers to get better. That said, lethargy and/or discomfort could be a symptom of so many things. So hopefully, if it’s not normal everyday sleepiness, it’s something other than the cancer and easily treated.

    Take my thoughts with a grain of salt!

    Doby power, Emily!

  6. jerry said:

    It’s easy to be worried all the time, and it’s normal and to be expected. But try not to let it interfere with the time you do have together, if you can.

    Amputation does take its toll, and some dogs will never be the way they were before the surgery, especially if they are battling cancer. Like any serious illness, they have good days, and not-so-good days.

    Like YodasMom said, set a timeframe. If she’s still laying around, and her appetite decreases, take her in. It can’t hurt to alleviate your fears.

    Keep us posted oK?

  7. admin said:

    I’ve been putting off commenting on this one for fear of coming off as to blunt, but the truth is: Worrying will only make matters worse.

    Emily doesn’t worry about what the future may hold. She lives in the now. And there is a reason they call it the Present … it is a gift. Enjoy it.

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