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Emily is doing worse

October 5, 2009

Emily has to go back to the vet again tomorrow. Her front leg seems fine now but now she can’t support her back end. In my head I think it is muscle strain from the time she had 2 1/2 legs but I am afraid the cancer went to her spine. Emily is 4 1/2 months post amp. Has anyone else experienced this?

2 Responses to “Emily is doing worse”

  1. jerry said:

    Emily, we are so sorry. It could be a number of things. You should ask people in the Forums, lots of other Tripawds have had similar issues. We hope everything is OK, please let us know OK? Good luck.

  2. jakesmom said:

    Oh Emilys Mom, I’m so sorry to hear that! Are Emily’s back legs stiff, sore… or just not able to function? I’ll be thinking of you today at the vet visit… Hope to hear some not so bad news soon…

    Jake’s Mom

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