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Vet Results

October 6, 2009

Thanks everyone. Here is the deal with Emily. Her remaining back hip has dysplasia and she has a couple areas with arthritis on two vertebrae towards the end of her spine. Not good news but not as bad as it could be. The vet has started Emily on prednisone and we need to watch her for about 72 hours to see if she improves. If she does not improve then it might be neurological but there was nothing to indicate that it is. Her x-rays ddid not indicate any additional cancer.
So it is good news in that it is most likely not life ending but Emily has a new battle ahead of her. After the prednisone we will start her on Glucosamine & Chrondroitin and also some Omega 3 fatty acid.
Thanks again. I will keep you updated on her (paws crossed) progress.


6 Responses to “Vet Results”

  1. romeo2 said:

    Dear Debra: I was worrying about you and Emily all day today. I guess it’s mixed news, but so glad to hear it is not cancer. I hope you both can get a good sleep tonight. We will keep sending love and good thoughts.
    Take care, Eve (and Romeo)

  2. jakesmom said:

    Thank goodness it’s not cancer!! Yay!!! Arthritis… you can deal with… but adding all the extra supplements… I’m so happy it wasn’t horrible news!!!

    Jake’s Mom

  3. Cherry said:

    YEA!!! Since it was not cancer but there is another battle for Emily to fight, we only used three exclamation points. Seriously, we are very happy regarding your checkup. We would never minimize the stress that we know you have been suffering prior to the visit. So we can all breath again but will keep you in our prayers.

    Bob & Cherry

  4. admin said:

    Thanks for the update! We are happy to hear the good bad news. 😉

  5. jakesmom said:

    Just wondering if Emily was feeling any better yet with the pred and the glucosamine… She looks like such a sweetheart…

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